Meet the wonderful members of the IVP office!

A.S. Internal Vice President:

Mayra Segoiva

“As the Internal Vice President I am the presiding Chair of the Senate and I also ensure that student based fees are being spent responsibly and in accordance with the ballot language approved by the students. I am a fourth year Sociology major here at UCSB and I also work at the Reference Desk at the Davidson Library. I got involved because I truly believe in the Association and I honor all of the work that has been done by students on this campus before me. This encourages me to do more and to leave this campus knowing that it is better than it was before I was accepted as a student at UCSB.”

Chief of Staff:

Alex Godinez

“I am the Chief of Staff for the Office of the Internal Vice President. I am in charge of overseeing the daily functions of the office, creating the weekly Senate agendas, tracking office hours for the office, and assisting other members of the office in executing the duties of their positions. The atmosphere of the office is great, everyone is always positive and willing to ask for help when they need it. We are like a family and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this great experience!”

Director of Accountability:

Marty Schindler

“As the Director of Accountability of the IVP, I work with the Academic Senate and the Advisory Committee liaisons to ensure all senators turn in their reports in a timely and efficient manner.”

Project Coordinator/Multi-Media&Web Designer:

Selena de Leon

“As one of Mayra’s project coordinators, I partake in all IVP projects, including initiating and planning of new projects throughout the year. I am also in charge of Campus Issues subdivision of the A.S. Information Agency to help the Senators get feedback and recommendations on the effectiveness of the Senate, and am in charge of the IVP website!”

 Student Fee Advisory Commissioner:

John Sharhin

“My name is John Shahin and I am the Student Fee Advisory Commissioner. My job is to contact and verify that all A.S.
Administered University supported Lock in Fees are checked against the
voted ballot language.”

First and Second Pro-Tempores:

Kyley & Angela Lau

“My name is Kyley Scarlet and I am an off-campus senator and first pro-temp for the UCSB AS Senate. I serve as chair for Constitution and by-laws committee, as well as serve on Honoraria committee. My main job I would say is to be a second hand to Mayra, the IVP, as well as be a liaison between the senate and the IVP on a variety of issues.”

Project Coordinators:

Selena de Leon & Julia Kwasniza